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acme cryogenics provides an extensive suite of products and services for customers across the entire industrial gas supply and distribution chain, in attractive end markets such as food packaging, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, aerospace, medical gas and industrial gas industries. to assist you in your search and learn more, you can utilize this product selection tool to see additional information on our offerings.

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百号彩票下载安装acme cryogenics is the premier supplier of vacuum insulated piping systems worldwide. we offer quality, cost effective systems designed to minimize heat leak and maximize efficiency and savings over time.

when time is critical, acme offers pre-engineered vjp with mechanical foam joints with a quick lead time. modular sections are offered in various length straights, with vj elbow and tee sections, that can be assembled for a fast, low cost, low heat leak vjp solution.

百号彩票下载安装acme cryogenics’ cryo-fast vacuum jacketed piping solution provides hassle-free cryogenic liquid delivery in a simple, cost-effective package. cryo-fast delivers cryogenic liquid, on demand, directly to your lab, minimizing the need for your lab personnel to spend valuable time handling liquid cylinders.

in lng applications reduced boil-off gas (bog) results in higher lng flow over greater distances, less liquid losses and/or reduced reliquefaction. these will result in lower overall operation costs during the life of the facility.

in addition to vjp, acme provides a complete line of accessories complete our system designs, manufacture and installation capabilities.

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originally designed for the aerospace industry, the cvi line offers a wide variety of products for demanding applications. the close tolerance models do not limit the installation to stem-vertical, for increased flexibility.

suitable for all services, the bellows sealed version of the acme model cv valve is the industry standard for hydrogen service. globe valves, fire control valves, uhp valves and check valves are offered in a variety of sizes and styles.

acme cryogenics' team of field service techs can expertly inspect, repair and maintain your cryogenic systems, medical gas systems, gas piping systems, (lng) liquid natural gas fueling systems, industrial piping systems and more, assist your staff in peak times, or provide a cost-effective way to install and/or maintain your equipment. acme has a full complement of highly trained field service technicians. our staff is certified in accordance with b31.3 process piping codes and follow nfpa, cga, and ohsa standards and regulations. each technician holds welder, brazer, and medical certifications. the acme team can also assist in services such as site survey, equipment sizing, capital expenditure calculation, logistics services, and equipment supply.

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百号彩票下载安装acme offers a wide array of cryogenic liquid transfer connections for lin/lox/lar, co2, nitrous oxide and lng which are designed for safe and reliable cryogenic liquid transfer, fully compliant with cga v6. acme carries the world’s largest inventory of liquid transfer fittings.

acme bulk transfer hoses are designed for loading and unloading of bulk vessels and trucks. they feature heavy duty construction containing armor casting cuffs on both ends to maximize performance and service life. the hoses are oxygen cleaned. acme model s540 flexible hoses feature all 316l stainless steel construction with 1/4″ fnpt ends. they are oxygen cleaned and rated at 3,000 psig. hoses are available in various standards lengths.

hoses and end fittings for all industrial gases with complete assemblies available.

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百号彩票下载安装offering vaporizers for both process and disposal applications, they have a proprietary extended surface design that we use for process applications. we build units up to 200,000 scfh in a single unit.

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百号彩票下载安装the forced convection water bath vaporizer is an energy efficient vaporizer. its automatic controls help prevent freeze up.

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electrically heated systems include pressure build vaporizers for maintaining tank pressure as liquid with withdrawn, process vaporizers and trim heaters.

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百号彩票下载安装two styles available - the conventional shell and tube style and the water bath unit which is more reliable and allows for thermal expansion.

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two basic styles: one type of system utilizes a packaged boiler or boilers from reputable manufacturers to provide heat to a water recirculation loop that then heats a vaporizer. another style of unit heats the water via a boiler built directly into the vaporizer shell.

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these units are designed to supply high pressure gas for laser cutting and aerosol can propellant charging and other applications requiring high pressure gas continuously.

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百号彩票下载安装acme cryogenics offers a broad range of cylinder fill plant equipment including cylinder manifolds and control panels, blend panels, liquid cylinder filling manifolds, scales, and controllers. we also offer installation and repair services from the bulk storage tank to the cylinder pigtail.

gas blenders, or gas mixers, allow users to generate a controlled mixture of gases from separate pure gas sources, creating blends in a variety of accuracies and capacities. blenders are used in ratios with a wide variety of applications including supplying gas for welding processes, food packaging, laser installations, and heat treating furnaces; generally any process that requires the controlled application of a mixture of gases.

百号彩票下载安装acme offers a wide variety of reliable, cost-effective manifolds for every application. our manifolds are highly customizable to fit the needs of your job. along with the manifolds themselves, acme offers accessory equipment to help you ensure your manifold quickly integrates into your system.

acme cryogenics’ electrical controls division has created a full line of electrical panels to help you monitor your gas delivery system. from alarm panels to pressure switches, acme electrical can create a panel that will seamlessly integrate into your current or new system, while providing you with the accurate performance you expect.

acme cryogenics can expertly meet your ultra high purity needs. serving the electronic gases industry for over 35 years, we offer the most diversified line of products, services and capabilities available.

acme cryogenics’ manifold accessory equipment includes alarm panels, pressure switches, pressure relief valves, purge/vent options, pigtails, and flash arrestors to improve and protect the operation of your cryogenic gas manifolds.

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acme offers complete rehab and repair of liquid hydrogen bulk storage tanks including piping replacement, vacuum repair, and blast and paint. acme’s rehab team has over 30+ years of experience in the repair/rehab business.our facility has the ability to service all makes and models. our high-quality workmanship and fast-turnaround time allows for very competitive pricing.

acme offers complete rehab, repair (quick & extended) and re-test on lheiso containers. we also provide accurate tare weights (in-house), ln2 top-offs, port prep checklist, helium gas pressurization for cold container, safety re-certification and csc/abs/third party inspection.

acme tube trailer stanchions are designed to quickly charge or discharge your high pressure tube trailer. master shut-off valves and optional single or dual control valves allow you total control over the entire fill.

acme offers complete rehab/repair of liquid hydrogen bulk storage tanks and rehab/repair/retest of liquid helium iso containers. acme also offers custom fabrication services for all asme code vessels.

Industries Served

Industries Served

百号彩票下载安装acme cryogenics provides engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and repair services for the food packaging, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, medical gas pipe, and industrial gas industries. we welcome the opportunity to deliver to you.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semi-Conductor & Electronics
  • Medical Gas Piping Systems
  • Industrial Gas Piping Systems
  • Alternative Fueling & Refueling
  • Aerospace
  • Cryobiology Storage / Cryo Preservation
Recent Acquisitions

Acme Family of Companies

acme cryogenics continues to expand and grow through the acquisition of companies that bring additional value and services to our customers. click on the links below to learn more about the recent addition to our family of companies.

Northeast Service Inc., A Division of Acme Cryogenics

Northeast Services, a division of Acme Cryogenics since 2016, provides cryogenic storage and transfer and applications equipment and systems, including installations, consulting, engineering and design for a broad range of industries from Food Freezing to Electronics to Healthcare and Biotechnology from both our main South Plainfield, New Jersey office and our Port St-Lucie, Florida百号彩票下载安装 office (dba NES Cryo, Inc). We specialize in Vacuum Jacketed Piping, Field Service and Turnkey Systems for cryogenic liquids and gases. Northeast also provides expert lifting and crane management services from a single pick to a complete installation, rely on Northeast Services to get the job done right.

Midwest Cryogenics, A Division of Acme Cryogenics

Midwest Cryogenics, a division of Acme Cryogenics since 2015, is located in the small town of Lonsdale, Minnesota百号彩票下载安装. Midwest provides vacuum jacketed pipe and field service capabilities throughout the Midwest and beyond. Their experienced team will work with you to determine the most cost effective and efficient system for your application. From fabrication to installation of your cryogenic equipment, or on-site repairs, Midwest is your single source for your liquid transfer needs.

Cryogenic Experts (CEXI), A division of Acme Cryogenics

Cryogenic Experts (CEXI), located in Oxnard, California,百号彩票下载安装 manufactures a full line of vaporizers for all types of cryogenic and non-cryogenic specialty fluids. Products range in flow rate from 100 scfh to 3,000,000 scfh, in temperature from -460F to +1500F, and in pressure from sub-atmospheric to 15,000 psig. In addition to their standard product lines CEXI offers custom engineering and integration solutions.

Parts Ordering

Parts Ordering

check out acme’s new and improved parts ordering website. the site now allows you to create an account and store order history.

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